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Midnight Pretty Cat


Midnight crossed the Rainbow Bridge on September 6, 2002. To visit his memorial, please CLICK HERE.

This is MY very own page.   My name is Midnight and I'm an 9 year old domestic cat. I'm a Halloween cat because I was born on October 31, 1992. I live with my Meowmie, Terri, my fafur Michael, my hewman sisfur Breanna, and my human brofur Mason. I also have a brofur Charlie, a nephmew Luv, and two dogs, Molly and Rocky.



Midnight in the Tree


As you can probably tell, this is one of My favorite spots. I can hide from the dogs! King of the Jungle!!!! (Er. . . make that back yard!)



by Fafur's Truck Playing in the Grass


Laying in The GrassI love to lay in the soft green grass. It smells so good and is nice and cool. I also love to sunbathe. Meowmie says that's what turns my purrty black fur to a brownish color.

Aren't I just the most handsome black kitty you've ever seen?



Midnight as a Baby sitting on Meowmie's Car


Look at my cute baby picture. My how I grew!


 On The Roof

Here's another of my favorite hiding places. No one can reach me on the roof and I'm King of all I survey! (plus it drives the d*gs crazy)

Jungle Cat Pose

Here's another 'King of the Jungle' shot. I love to stalk Molly, my meowmie's Dachshund.

Lazy Black Cat

Ahhh. . . Time for a nap. (if some people would quit with the camera!!)

Look! I'm definately a Spoiled Cat, so my Meowmie had to put THIS award on my page!


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